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24.O Destroyer of the god of love, O Giver of boons, Thy play is in cremation grounds, Thy companions are the ghosts, Thou besmearest Thy body with the ashes of burnt bodies and human skulls are Thy garlands all Thy conduct indeed is thus full of evil. But Thou conducest to the great good of those who remember Thee.
25.Thou art indeed that unspeakabale truth which the Yogis realize through meditation on the Self, on controlling the breath according to the srciptural directions, and realize which they shed tears of thrilling joy and swimming as it were in a poolof nectar, enjoy inner bliss.
27.O Giver of refuge, with the three letters A,U,M indicating the three Vedas, the three states, the three worlds and the three gods, the word OM mentions Thee seperately. United by the subtle sound the word OM collectively mentions Thee - Thy Absolute Trancendent State.
28.O Lord, Bhava,Sarva,Rudra,Pasupati,Ugra,Mahadeva,Bhima and Isana - these eight names are mentioned even in the Vedas. To Thee who artbeloved and effulgent I bow down. .
29.O Lover of solitude, my salutations to Thee who are very near as also very far, far away. O Destroyer of the god of love my salutations to Thee who art the minutest as also the largest. O Three eyed One, my salutations to Thee who art the oldest as also the youngest. This is my salutations to thee who art all as also transcending all.
30.Salutations to Brahma in whom Rajas preponderates for the creation of the universe, salutation to Rudra in whom Tamas preponderates for the destruction of the same. Salutation to Vishnu in whom Sattva preponderates for giving happiness to the people, Salutation to Shiva who is effulgent and beyond the three attributes.
31.O Giver of boons, why is my ill- developed mind subject to misery and where is Thy Divinity - eternal and possessing infinite virtues ? Though terror stricken because of this , I am forced by my devotion to offer this hymn at Thy feet.
32.O Lord if the blue mountain be the ink, the ocean the ink-pot, the branch of the heavenly tree be pen, the earth the writing leaf, and by taking these if the Goddess of Learning writes for eternity, even then the limit of Thy virtues will not be reached.
33.The best of the demi-gods, Pushpadanta by name, composed in great devotion this beautiful hymn of the Lord, who is worshipped by demons, gods and the best of sages, whose praises have been sung who has got the moon on His forehead and who is attributeless.
34.The person who with purified heart and in great devotion always reads this beautiful hymn to Shiva becomes like Shiva after death in the abode of Shiva, and while in this world gets much wealth, long life, many children as also fame.
35.There is no God better than Shiva, there is no hymnn better than the Hymn on The Greatness of Shiva, there is no sacred word better than the name of Shiva, there is nothing better to be known than the real nature of spiritual teacher.
36.Getting initiation into the spiritual life, charity, austerity, pilgrimage, knowledge of the scriptures the performance of sacrifical rites - these do not give one - sixteenth part of the merit that is got by reciting the Hymn on the Greatness Of Shiva.
37.The Lord of Gandharvas, Pushpadanta by name is the servant of the great God who has the crescent moon on His forehead. Fallen from his glory due to the anger of the Lord, he composed this very beautiful Hymn on the Greatness Of Shiva to regain His favor.
38.After worshipping Shiva, who is adored by gods and who grants heaven and liberation, if one with single minded devotion and folded palms reads the unfailing hymn composed by Pushpadanta, one goes to Shiva, being worshipped by Kinnaras.
39.This unparalleled, sacred hymn composed by Pushpadanta and describing the glory of God is all very fascinating from start to finish.
40.This hymnal worship is offered to the feet of Shiva. May the ever - propitious Lord of gods be pleased with me at this.
41.O Lord , I do not know the true nature of Thy being - of what kind Thou art. Of whatever nature Thou mayest be, O Great God to That my salutation again and again.
42.The person who reads this hymn once, twice or thrice is glorified in the abode of Shiva, being freed from all sins.
43.If a person learns by heart,reads or keeps in the home this hymn, which came out of the lips of Pushpadanta and which destroys sins and is dear to Shiva, Shiva the Lord of creation becomes very pleased.
Here ends the Hymn on the Greatness Of Shiva composed by Pushpadanta.
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